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Dec. 6th, 2010

Srping breeze.


Coffee Makes People Crazy

“Did you know that after so much coffee your teeth feel like they have little fuzzy socks on them?” Jared looked at Logan like he was high. “What,” Logan smiled questioningly. Logan thought he had made a very interesting observation. Who was Jared to question it? And why was he giving Logan such an odd look?

Jared turned in his seat at the dinning table. He nodded, his brow scrunched in that cute “I’m confused as all Hell, but just go with it way.” He turned back to Logan, thumbing his own cup of coffee before taking another swallow. He stood up and patted Logan on the shoulder affectionately before he went to the sink to wash his cup out. “What are you doing today again, sweetie?”

“Well I thought I’d get started on that gnome thing that’s been bothering the Pierson's lately. The gnomes have been stealing cooking utensils from they’re drawers and now it’s become a real problem.” Logan frowned as licked at his teeth.

Jared stooped a bit to give Logan a kiss on the nose and grabbed Logan's cup of coffee on the way back up. He headed for the living room. “No more coffee for you.”

The End

Nov. 23rd, 2010

Kyo pool.

Writer's Block: Family matters

How many brothers and sisters would you choose to have, and why?

ANSWER: I would have exactly the same number of brothers and sisters I already have. As much as they can irritate me sometimes they have been and will continue to be two of my favorite people on this earth. Why would I ever want to change that?

Mar. 13th, 2008


It's a story!

Title: You Will Not
Author: Nemo_the_nomad
Rating: PG
Warning: Sappy with a touch of angst
Summary: If you can't be perfect and he doesn't mind, why fight it?
Disclaimer: I didn't make up these people, but they might actually act like this...maybe.
Notes: It's been so long...but I'm back with something a little different than usual. I wanted to try out a different POV and tense this time with an interesting..subject. ^_^ I like making my characters as humanly flawed as I possibly can.


Nov. 25th, 2007


The Book Called Snow

Title: The Book Called Snow
Author: nemo_the_nomad
Theme(s): 10. Book, 44. Snow
Rating: R
Pairing: UruhaxMiyavi
Bands: The GazzettExSolo/skin
Warnings: suggested smut, sap
Genre: romance
Disclaimer: I didn't make these people up...mostly.

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Nov. 18th, 2007

Aoi approved!

Making Music (complete)

Title: Making Music
Chapter: All 1,2,3/3
Author: nemo_the_nomad
Genre: Angst/romance
Rating: NC-17 overall
Warnings: Sex, self abuse, some violence, language.
Pairing: Uruha x Miyavi, Uruha + Aoi (briefly)
Band[s]: solo/skin x the GazettE
Synopsis: How do you deal with a loved one in so much pain they'd rather have died at times during that accident than to have been saved? This is exactly what Uruha would like to know, but much to his dismay, no one, not even the doctors, can tell him how to continue loving the person he's become closest to over the past few years without a change of heart. For nothing remained unchanged after that day.
Disclaimer: Characters are NOT MINE.
Notes: This is the entire Making Music Part One. And yes, there will be a part two. You will want to read all of the first chapter again (if you've already read it the first time I posted it) because I have made some changes to it and you might not remember what's going on...heh.

Flash backs are in italics

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Nov. 15th, 2007




I'm back. And Making Music is only another chapter or so from being done so I think I'll just repost it all as one huge story...

Aug. 9th, 2007



I shall be posting the next chapter of Making Music shortly! Hehehehehee.... and maybe..maybe something else.

ps: Whomever decided allergies where a good thing should be shot on sight.

Also, the sixth book of Harry Potter displeases me because (yes, I do read that series, though I've been horribly behind and just recently finished volume six) it was lacking a good bit of something. I think it was the emotional connection between myself and Harry, where in the fifth book it was very strong. The sixth book seemed to be more of an interlude between the fifth and the seventh, kind of like a catch up of sorts to quickly fill you in on some major plot points and characterization that still needed to be done before the seventh. Just a little disappointing.

Jul. 28th, 2007


My own stuff!

Title: Red Suns
Chapter: ?/? (last chapter)
Author: nemo_the_nomad
Rating: PG-13ish
Comments: This isn't fan fiction or anything. It's an original story I had started writing awhile back, but haven't made much progress with as of late. So, much to my surprise, the characters in this little epic started shouting at me today until finally I just gave in!
Notes: Mainly for my own use... last chapter, make sure names are correct, integrate other characters not seen in this part.. Zaylem/Areal.

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Jul. 10th, 2007


Gift for Miss B

Title: Clubs and Cheaters
Chapter: 1/1
Author: nemo_the_nomad
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Gara x Aki (mention of Mao + Aki)
Band[s]: Merry x Sid
Synopsis: Porn!
Disclaimer: NOT MINE.
Comments: Clichéd club setting but what the hell. And because Miss B voted TWICE for this little ficclet…

Clubs and CheatersCollapse )

Oh fuck, it's an update!

Title: Making Music
Author: nemo_the_nomad
Theme: #5. Anger
Rating: PG-13ish
Pairing: Miyavi x Uruha
Band[s]: solo/skin x the GazettE
Disclaimer: NOT MINE.
Comments: It’s a multiparter! Uh oh…

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